Jacfruits Online Training: 6 Week Challenge – Sept 11th/17



The Jacfruits Online 6 Week Challenge is designed for those wanting to lose weight, get toned and/or kickstart their fitness journey. What’s Included:

1) Training Program: 4 workouts per week with 2 upper body and 2 lower body days. GYM and HOME options included. Workouts should not take you longer than 1 hour each. Suitable for beginner/intermediate.

2) Access to private video playlist with 100+ exercises so you can mix and match exercises and also continue to use them after the challenge.

3) The Essentials Training Guide AND Macro Tracking Nutrition Guide. Both of these guides will provide you with all the tools needed to succeed and continue your journey after the challenge. Meal plans for cutting, maintaining and building are provided (Vegan & non-vegan options available). Plus, basic info on how to calculate your macros, how to structure your workouts, how much cardio to do, how to overcome a plateau and more!

4) Accountability and support – I will personally check-in with each challenger WEEKLY through email to make sure you stay on track and reach your goals. Weekly progress photos are mandatory and will make you eligible to win fun PRIZES! There will be rewards given to the best transformations and participation overall.

5) Access to private Facebook group where you can ask questions and receive support from other participants.

There are LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE to ensure that you all receive the attention that you need. Sign up now!

Online Fitness Coaching

Winner Of Jan Challenge
“I am really happy with the progress I made during The Jacfruits 6 week challenge: 7 pounds down and I look and feel more comfortable in my clothes! What I enjoyed most was being able to do all the workouts from home. Jacquelyn’s easy to follow workouts, yummy recipes, and constant support were so helpful in making it through the challenge.” – Juliann C.

Online Fitness Coaching Winner of May Challenge
What a great challenge! The information provided was super detailed and useful and the support as well as accountability provided by Jacquelyn and the fellow participants helped a ton. Not only do I look better than before, but I feel amazing as well! I would recommend this challenge to anyone regardless of their activity level or prior experience. – Sarah M.

**Please note: The Jacfruits 6 Week Challenge is NOT a customized program. Each participant will be doing the same program. 

By participating in the challenge, you agree to all the Terms and Conditions.
No refunds, partial refunds or exchanges.

If you would like a customized coaching program, please see my online coaching options here.