One-Time Macro Consultation


Ok, so you don’t want me to hold your hand throughout the process but you just want a little push to kick-start your journey. This option can help you with the first step in starting your nutrition program.

A one-time macro consultation is suitable for any range of goals (including fat loss, maintenance, muscle build). I will thoroughly evaluate your responses to the questionnaire and provide you with your custom macro calculation.




What’s included:
– A one-time custom macro calculation based on your goals, dieting history, nutritional preferences and lifestyle (includes daily calories and grams of carbs, protein & fat needed per day)
– A grocery list to give you options and ideas
– A list of options for sources of carbs, protein and fats
– A list of whole food sources of vitamins & minerals

This option does NOT include coaching, adjustments or check-ins. If you would like an adjustment to your macros within 4-6weeks, please re-purchase and fill out a new questionnaire with updated responses.

***Please fill out this questionnaire after ordering***

Through the questionnaire, I will gather your relevant information, evaluate your current status and desired outcomes, then provide you your macro breakdown according to the information you have provided.

You will be emailed your macros within 7-10 business days after I receive your completed questionnaire.

By signing up for this macro consultation, you agree to all the Terms and Conditions.
*No refunds, partial refunds or exchanges.